Patience – an experience

There always seems to be a reason why patience is taught as a virtue since childhood – it could be anything like “you should be patient and listen to the elders as they will always guide you on the right path” or it could be “you need to be patient and you have to learn to multitask in life” (this goes mostly for girls though!)  or “how will lead a team when you grow up and work in a big corporate, if you are not patient?” or it could also be “don’t you want to be a strong leader and make the world a better place?  you need patience to live through the challenges!”

Well friends, patience is certainly a virtue, a personality defining characteristic and it certainly makes a person likeable and respectable. Friends are happy to be in company of a patient listener to all their troubles and even opponents (of course they should have some sense of decorum) also like such a person.

But patience can sometimes feel like an irritant for one’s own self – a time may come when the world takes the patient person for granted, they expect the patient person to do all the patient listening while they carry on with their ranting, they start to actually believe that a patient person will never retaliate or retort – and that is when a patient person thinks “oh why oh why? Why do I only have to have ALL the patience?”

But you know what, it is that same patience which helps the person sail through those thoughts as well – it is only with patient thinking that one is able to think clearly, find strategies to be heard without being retaliatory, win arguments without making the opponent feel defeated, help youngsters with guidance and take care of the vulnerable aged. And as we all know, there is no better feeling than being a good parent and a good daughter/son at the same time, carry out responsibilities with love, have friends to chill out with, have opponents to carry out thoughtful debates with and feel complete and satisfied at the end of the day when we are left alone with our music and books – and it is at that time of life, that we realise how important it is to have patience.



My “wow” moment…

Have you ever felt small and still happy? Have you ever stretched your neck, seen till the end and still felt that you have not seen “till the end”? Have you wished that you could remain stuck to a moment with nature? Am sure many of you have and will know exactly what I am talking about…and more so if you have experienced all this at the tender age of 18! Yeah yeah I know you are thinking “18 and tender ?” But in 1980s(am not going to give you the year),18 used to be tender!

I was on my way  to Manali from Simla with my friends in the month of March that year. We had one teacher and our librarian dada from college. The plan was to get up early, tuck ourselves in as many woolens as were available, have a cup of hot tea and get into the bus. Plan was executed and soon there we were, 15 of us, snuggled in our respective seats and fast asleep. We had thought that we would sleep through the journey. We were more excited about being with friends than seeing around! Somewhere the bus stopped and somebody said “cha”. Everybody’s eyes opened up like they were never closed.We hurried down looking out for the guy who will quench our thirst and bring some warmth to our throats.  A kid of around  8  gave all of us a small cup of tea each and then he vanished. As we strolled around (we were allowed only 5 minutes)  in that cold morning, I saw the most beautiful sight of my life. I felt a feeling so overwhelming, so beautiful that I still remember it with the clarity of a teenager. Thank GOD age has not taken that memory away…In front of me was the beautiful blue Beas flowing like an angel on a dream trip, spreading its beauty on the surroundings , flowing fast yet with a strange serenity, making you feel calm yet fill you with an inexplicable excitement! Crunches of ice which had formed during winter could still be seen. And next to her were the beautiful mountains, huge, formidable, peaks capped in snow; they looked like they were holding hands and forming a circle and together wishing  SUN God for bringing on a beautiful day. I was standing on my toes to see as far as I could , all I could see were the fading lines of the mountains with glittering sun rays caressing them. I don’t know how long I was standing there, for I felt so stuck to the ground feeling so small surrounded by the mountains but there was so much of beauty in my smallness, I was so blessed to have seen what I did! As poet Keats says “A thing of beauty is a joy forever..”…I still feel that joy and my face breaks into a smile whenever I think of that morning!

I want to write…

Have been thinking of writing for a very long time…I am not a writer( as in author of stories, novel and the like)..but I want to write…write about thoughts that run through the mind on happenings all over the world….there’s so much to talk about.  But apart from this, one topic which I really want to have fun with is ADs of various products which invariably leave me with some question…

Today’s take: Why in ADs , dentists and doctors are mostly found practising in USA? The name of the doctor isn’t important since they are renowned ones; so obviously the purpose is to highlight the “USA” bit. In a country (a) which is considered the hub of treatment for people who can afford it (b) where a large population do not get 2 square meals a day, isn’t it strange that there are still some people lapping up everything having a “US” tag?